LCD Writing Tablet

LCD Writing Tablet

Short Introduction


A LCD writing tablet, also known as an electronic writing pad or digital notepad, is a portable device that allows users to write or draw on a pressure-sensitive LCD (liquid crystal display) screen using a stylus or their fingers. It offers a paper-like writing experience while eliminating the need for physical paper and pens.


  1. It can be used for various purposes, such as taking notes, making to-do lists, sketching, doodling, practicing handwriting, and even as a tool for children to learn and practice writing
  2. Class notes, rough draughts, and scientific formulae for math problems are useful tools for pupils.
  3. To start out on top: develop children's writing, maths and art skills easily while having fun.
  4. Unspoken: Can help deaf people communicate more easily, is lightweight and portable, and is recyclable.

Producr Description:

Children's drawing boards:

These boards are appropriate for children of all ages as well as for you, adults, to take notes, leave messages, and use as a brand-new educational drawing board toy for children. They also have an LCD writing tablet that makes it simple to write with the provided plastic stylus and to erase writing with a single touch of the screen. Depending on how hard you touch the pressure-sensitive LCD screen of this doodle pad, lines will seem thinner or thicker.

Modernised Eye Protection Design:

The most recent liquid crystal pressure-sensitive technology is used in the kids digital LCD writing tablet, which offers vibrant rainbow colours, no glare, and blue light. Kids may easily write, draw, doodle, scribble, and scribble on the LCD drawing board.

Lightweight and Simple for Children to Hold:

The small and lightweight LCD Writing Pad/LCD Drawing Pad is 1/4" thin and 4.5oz heavy; you may carry it in your handbag or backpack. Your kids will love scribbling anywhere, anytime with a doodle pad.


  Material: ABS
  Power supply: button cell
  Battery capacity: 75mAh
  Voltage: 3V
  Standard current: 0.1mA

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More About Product:

Special Feature                                           Stylus

Screen Sizes                                                8.5 Inch ,10 inch ,12 inch

Display Type                                                 Liquid Crystal Display(LCD)

Color                                                             Black,Red,Blue

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