Shaker 5 Games Set

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There are 5 ways to win!

Game 1: Glue!

  • Challenges you to use your bodies to hold the rings in place and the last team standing wins.

Game 2: Toss!

  • Is a ring toss with your hands and feet to catch!

Game 3: Race!

  • Is a race to make it to the finish line with colored rings in hand.

Game 4: Scatter!

  • Is a fun version like the traditional twister game: scatter the rings and then call out the moves but don’t fall or you’re out!

Game 5: Tangle!

  • Gets you all tangled up with other players as you reach for rings, hang on to your twister and try to stay on your feet.
  • Inside or out just about any where! for 2-4 players,

Helps children with hand & eye coordination & strategic thinking skills